While making LoveCuts,creator Sanjay Shah had only one vision, making a solitaire to fulfill every women’s desirable dream to own a solitaire at an affordable price. His philosophy is no women should have to compromise or settle for less.He used his many years of diamond manufacturing knowledge and experience creating a beautiful multifaceted stone keeping in mindYOU.

LoveCuts ,was developed with 10 years of of research and RND using world most advance technology, machinery, and skilled diamond cutters. Sanjay Shah has dedicated many years in the making of LoveCuts and has successfully created the LoveCuts cushion, emerald, round, oval, heart shape, pear shape……and many more to come in the coming years. While cutting the multifaceted stone each stone is cut to the highest brilliance, fire and beauty, leaving a flawless stone just for YOU.

LoveCuts INOVATIVE SOLITAIRE is our tribute to every women in the world, who desires to flaunt a large solitaire at an affordable price. Why should any women settle for a smaller stone than desired? “With LoveCuts YOU can get your 3ct with our 1ct LoveCuts”